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Software and POS for Hotels, Clubs
and Restaurants since 1992

Hardware for Restaurant and Bar POS.

Touch Screen Registers and Heavy Duty “Spill-Proof” POS, Printers, Scanners, Cash Drawers, Advertising Screens, Menu Boards, Pagers, Wireless Call Buttons and Table Service Buttons.

pay-passMore than just a Hardware and Software Supply Company, Nextco manages the entire Point of Sale installation.  With our marketing history and good partnerships generated throughout the industry we are able to source market leading products at very reasonable prices.  This means when you deal with Nextco you know exactly what you are getting and also that it is at very best pricing and that it will all work seamlessly together to deliver the system you are after.

Nextco always supplies Heavy Duty Hardware designed for the Hospitality environment but it is also Nextco policy that Hardware should be supplied with the longest possible On-Site Support Facility and will always attempt to provide this unless the client believes that it is not required.

Our Compact and Sleek Touch Screens have a very modern appearance with a large 15″ Monitor.   The units are highly rated and designed to operate in difficult locations such as Bars.   They can be mounted on their own stand or on a Pole in order to give more bench space.  Optionally, there is a large Non-Touch Screen for the Customer to view with advertising and promotions.

Nextco also supplies and supports other Hardware Devices, including Digital Menu Boards, Mobile Devices for Restaurants and Wristbands for Staff logging on and off.  Digital Menu Boards are wall mounted and communicate back to StarrPOS so that “specials” can be changed on the fly and promotions can be seen in real time.  Mobile Devices are similar to standard IPAD units and configured by Nextco to work directly as a Register on the Network.   Wristbands are generally allocated to Staff and retained as part of their uniform, Wristbands allow the Staff member to log on and off with every sale so that full responsibility is attached to every transaction.

If requested, Nextco can also manage your Computer Network and Wireless infrastructure.   Even if a site does not have good wireless coverage, Nextco can supply Wait-person call buttons and Table Service Buttons with their own Wireless Infrastructure.

Some of our most popular items include:


15″ Touch Screen

With an optional Three Year On-Site Warranty, The Nextco POS Registers is the ideal low cost point of sale terminal for General Hospitality and Restaurants, Fast Food outlets, Sporting venues, Franchise operations and many other POS applications.

Restaurant iPad, Surface Pro

For Restaurants, Fast Food, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Gift Shop and Merchandise.  Nextco Systems can also run on Surface Pro and Mobile Devices such as iPad Mini.  Mobile use internal wireless and is not dependent on Internet or Cloud being available.


The main features of the Nextco Scanners are compactness and reliability, making it a cost-effective investment the Point of Sale requirements, as well as maximising customer service. Nextco Scanners are the perfect Bench Mount and Hand Held Laser Scanner for demanding applications.

Kitchen Monitor

Display your orders on a monitor system instead or as well as printing orders to help improve the efficiency of your kitchen.   The Kitchen Monitor provides an adaptable Interactive Display to easily maintain the order queue. The control unit has a spill proof keypad and stainless Steel Housing if required.


Reliable and Heavy Duty, Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers, extremely fast and well supported

An ideal solution for retailers who require a quiet, high speed printing solution at an affordable price.

Designed to meet the high speed requirements of coupon and clean receipt printing.  The Nextco Thermal Printer raises the bar on performance with a fast print speed.  The Printers have Flash memory for digital logos printing. Also, now available with drop-in paper loading.


For Stock-Taking, the Nextco units are fast, versatile, easy to use.  Simplify the Stock Take by simply Scanning either Cartons or Bottles, (PDE works it out) and entering the quantity then moving on to the next one.  If you have the same product in multiple places, the PDE will collate the totals.

The PDE can also be used for other purposes such as registering Inwards arrivals, entering Re-orders, entering Stock Transfers and others.


Advertising Screens and Digital Menu Boards are a great way to get a lot more return out of your POS System and a perfect way to interact with your Customers.   When a Customer buys a certain product, the screen can show specials of the same product.  Display up-coming events and Specials.


Interactive Menu Boards can show Menus of course but so much more.  They can show products that are running out.  They can show specials for limited time periods.  They can be programmed by the Venue to show Multiple Screens and Split Screens on a pre-programmed basis.