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   You do not have to change Future Software

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If you are a current user of Future Software or FuturePOS Software, please do not be rushed into changing your System because of what you are being told.   Nextco is now able to fully support current versions of Future and FuturePOS Hospitality Software.

Even though Worldsmart Future is closing down on 31st December 2016, that does not mean you lose all Support for your Future and FuturePOS software.   Call 1300 201079 and we can provide the Support for as long as you need it.

The only official option provided to Customers of Worldsmart Future will be to immediately stop using Future and move the entire operation over to another product supplied by a competitor at a discounted rate.  This will mean new procedures, new training, new systems and in some cases, new Hardware!!

But……There is another option and Nextco POS Solutions will be happy to provide ongoing support for your Future Program if you choose not to pay to make the move to another product.  Nextco will provide support at the same rate as you previously negotiated with Worldsmart and will continue to provide answers to your issues and training and support as you require it.

This will leave you time to consider your options, be it several weeks or years and then allow you to look at what systems are available in your own time.  Nextco will be pleased at that time to demonstrate our StarrPOS System with all of its excellent features